Hvit bryllupsbukett

Bride, groom and all the guests can join us on friday afternoon for dinner and drinks and on saturday they can all get ready for the big celebration of love.


The Sisterchurches, from the middleages, are our closest neighbor. The churches have been important for locals through almost 1000 years. In these historic churches you will have a solemn wedding. If you don’t want to get married in the church, you can get married in Glasslåven, our other neighbor. Both Sisterchurches and Glasslåven are near by. We lay out the red carpet for the newlyweds and guests.

The party continues

After the wedding ceremony it’s time for photographing. We can arrange a horsecart to a romantic place, perhaps Prestegårdshagen, 200 m. from Granavolden Gjæstgiveri? In the meantime, we serve the guests some food and sparkling wine.

Go for a walk

Friday evening is a great day for a gathering. How about a stroll along Pilgrimsleden that is right outside the door? A trip to old St. Petri churcj gives you perspective. The walk takes half an hour by foot and shows you a lot of Hadeland’s beautiful landscape.


20-60 guests can stay the night here at Granavolden, whereas 50-80 guests can join the weddingparty.

Cotact us if you have any questions.

Vinterbryllup på Granavolden